Recycle bin

Module refers to the part of the CMS "Settings" and is required for installation.

All deleted items on the site fall into the basket and then you can restore or permanently delete.

Recycle bin

The module itself fall items and items belonging to them, for example, together with the products removed comments, ratings, photos, additional features, etc.

The module shows the user name, delete an item.


  1. modules/trash/admin/js/trash.admin.js – Корзина с удаленными элементами, JS-сценарий;

  2. modules/trash/admin/trash.admin.php – Trash with deleted items;

  3. modules/trash/admin/trash.admin.count.php – Количество удаленных в корзину элементов;

  4. modules/trash/trash.install.php – Module installation.