Module refers to the part of the CMS "Interactive" and can be installed optionally.

Edit subscription on the site

If the module is connected to the site page, on this page, you can disconnect from the mailing list and edit the list of categories to which the subscriber is connected (if the "Use category" option in the module settings). Edit subscription form is available to the user in a special hash link that the user will receive on your email address. If the address is not in the database, the form is available for the address and without hash. Edit subscription for e-mail can be regardless of whether the user is logged in or not.

The subscribers list is updated as follows:

  • administrator in the "Subscribers" section;
  • when a user register;
  • when ordering;
  • e-mail address is added from a form on the site, which displays the tag show_form.

When registering and ordering e-mail address is added to the database automatically or marked jackdaw "Subscribe for news", if it is set in the module settings.

Registered user data account settings will see the link to edit your subscription (if you have a page with an attached module "Subscription") or select "Subscribe to news" (if it is enabled in the module settings).


List of mailings

Mailings displayed in the dispatch order.

Edit of mailing

Mailings have the following characteristics.

Newsletter is sent only if the fields are filled with the "Mailing contents", "Send" and mailing was not sent earlier.

Newsletter is sent to the e-mail addresses from the "Subscribers" section.


List of categories

Categories can have an unlimited number of subcategories. If necessary, the category can not be used. To do this, disable the "Use category" in the module settings.

Mailings can be assigned to multiple categories to reach people who subscribed to different categories.

When deleting a category will delete all sub-categories and mailings.

Edit of category


List of subscribers

Subscribers have the following characteristics.

Edit of subscriber


List of SMS mainings

SMS-sending is possible if in the "Site settings" enabled option "Enable SMS-notifications". Releases SMS-distribution are displayed in the dispatch order.

Edit of SMS maining

SMS mailings have the following characteristics.


List of phone numbers

This section contains the phone number which the SMS-mailing. Newsletter is only numbers marked option "Receives mailing". Base phones filled manually from the admin panel.

Edit of phone number

Phones have the following characteristics.



Template tags

Для работы с модулем «Mailing» служат следующие шаблонные теги:

show_form – выводит форму подписки на рассылки.


defer – deferred load tag template tag: event – load content only at the request of the user when you click "Upload", emergence – load content only when the client window appears in the browser window, async – asynchronous (simultaneous) content loading together with the content of template tags with the same marker, sync – synchronous (sequential) load of content in conjunction with the content of template tags with the same marker, by default, downloading content only at the request of the user;

defer_title – text string displayed at the point where the loadable content appears with the help of delayed loading of the template tag;

template – tag template (file modules/subscription/views/subscription.view.form_template.php; default - file modules/subscription/views/subscription.view.form.php).


<insert name="show_form" module="subscription">

В шаблоне тега можно получить значение любого атрибута через переменную $result["attributes"]["название атрибута"].


{subscription} – Mailing

{subscription_category} – Categories of mailing

{subscription_category_parents} – Parents relations of категорий рассылок

{subscription_category_rel} – Связи рассылок и категорий

{subscription_emails} – Подписчики на рассылку

{subscription_emails_cat_unrel} – Отключенные категории рассылок у подписчиков

{subscription_phones} – Телефоны для рассылок

{subscription_sms} – SMS-sending


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  3. modules/subscription/admin/subscription.admin.config.php – Module settings;

  4. modules/subscription/admin/subscription.admin.emails.php – База электронных ящиков для рассылок;

  5. modules/subscription/admin/subscription.admin.phones.php – База номеров телефонов для SMS рассылки;

  6. modules/subscription/admin/subscription.admin.sms.php – Рассылки по SMS;

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