For the module, you can connect a separate CSS file (starting with version Files are also connected as modular JS scripts.

Automatic connection

The file modules/module/css/module.css connects automatically to the page with the attached module. The file modules/module/css/module.template.css connects automatically to the template module.


To the template modules/shop/views/shop.view.buy_form.php automatically file been uploaded yet styles modules/shop/css/shop.buy_form.css.

File modules/shop/css/shop.css been uploaded yet for all pages of the module (if the module is connected to a site page), but not been uploaded yet to the template tags module.

Manual connection

You can directly specify a script that need to connect. This can be done in any place: in the template or in the model module.


$this->diafan->_site->css_view[] = 'modules/search/css/search.show_search.css';

CSS files are displayed in the top of the page using the template tag show_css. If the tag is not used or if the file is connected after the output of the tag, the other CSS-files will be displayed with the tag show_js at the bottom of the page. All local files are compressed, unless you enable development mode.