File manager

The module "File manager" allows you to work with the file system site – edit scripts, upload and delete files.

File manager

Module refers to the part of the CMS "Service" and can be installed optionally.

The module is only available for webmasters to install the system!

Because of the special system for access to files and directories, the UNIX systems to work with the files you need to either put the rights of access to editable files and directories 777 (editing rights for all users), or you can configure access via FTP in the "Site settings".

To edit the title and content (for text file types) of files and directories, click on the name of the file or directory. In the window that opens, you can also download the file and upload the files to the directory.


  1. modules/filemanager/admin/filemanager.admin.php – File Manager;

  2. modules/filemanager/admin/js/filemanager.admin.js – Файловый менеджер, JS-сценарий;

  3. modules/filemanager/filemanager.install.php – Module installation.