Every user with commercial DIAFAN.CMS licenses have unlimited free support.

Support Rules

  1. The main and only purpose of our Support service is to provide assistance and advise to users about content management system DIAFAN.CMS.
  2. Our Support team responds to questions and inquiries within 24 hours on business days. This response could be any reply from the support service, including clarifying questions. It doesn't necessarily mean that the problem will be fully addressed within that time limit. On weekends and holidays, you may or may not receive a response –any question received on Friday evening may remain unattended until Monday evening.
  3. Our support team responds to questions only about DIAFAN.CMS. It doesn’t respond to general questions about website creation, about HTML, CSS, PHP programming, about correct construction of classic queries to the MySQL database, etc.
  4. With regards to programming issues, our support team gives responses in a general algorithmization format, without giving a step-by-step guideline for beginners who don’t have basic programming skills in PHP and MySQL database queries.
  5. Our Support team doesn't make any changes to the files of websites even when requested by the user. An exception is anomalous non-business situations. For abnormal situations, our support team may ask for FTP data. In this case, the user is recommended to provide temporary data or change them as soon as the problem is resolved.
  6. Our Support team may decide not to address a particular question if the user didnt explain the problem clearly or he provided inaccurate data or it is impossible to localize the problem online (if the issue is about a problem in the local server).
  7. Our Support team gladly accepts suggestions on how to improve DIAFAN.CMS and partnership requests.

Reaction time

Maximum response time: 24 hours*.

* within 1 year from the purchase date of the last license. After 1 year, the response time of 24 hours is not guaranteed.

On weekdays, response can be obtained much more faster*.

* usually on the same day.

Support is available to all users in the Personal Account.