Open source. MVC architecture. API for easy creation of own modules. Built-in caching algorithm and server load optimization algorithm allow you to use almost any shared hosting.
Easy design integration
A unique template engine that allows you to quickly and easily integrate any HTML design. It would take an experienced HTML developer just a few hours to create a simple site. More details are contained in our documentation.
Lifetime free support
We do not limit the term of our support sites DIAFAN.CMS. Our users receive not just a software product, but above all unlimited support from our experts.
Developer Community
A friendly forum where you can always find support from like-minded people. Closed sections for partners to discuss practical examples and assist each other.
Job Center PRO.USER
You don't need to surf the entire internet searching for “CMS developers” to integrate a design or unique module in your website. All these can be done by contacting one of our certified developers through your personal account..
Ready-made solutions market
Additional modules and templates for DIAFAN.CMS from our developers. There are both free and paid modules. Each of our partners can offer his module in the market and make his earnings.
Ready for SEO
We factored in almost all the basic SEO standards and implemented them in DIAFAN.CMS. These include flexible semantic URL, headers, relinking. Auto-generation of sitemap.xml, manual and auto generation of meta tags: keywords, description, title and etc.
Free updates
DIAFAN.CMS licenses do not depend on the product version. All users get lifelong free updates. In the wishes section, a user can suggest new features and, if other users support such suggestion, the module will be developed and included in DIAFAN.CMS or marketplace ADDONS.DIAFAN.
Complete documentation
We maintain up-to-date documentation, trying as much as possible to describe in details all the intricacies, including the database structure, the modules and practical examples
All inclusive
DIAFAN.CMS have only a single version, which incorporates all the modules for only $199. Each module is scalable, manageable and changeable. The dynamic block system allows you to have any number of arbitrary content on the site.
User-friendly interface
We worked on interface usability for many years. DIAFAN.CMS is today a handy tool that allows you to quickly and easily perform routine actions aimed at updating sites.
and Edit-in-place
Important moment in DIAFAN.CMS usability: many actions are performed with the mouse by simply dragging and dropping, for example, sorting. Fast editing mode without entering the Control Panel makes things easier for the editor.

Main Features

Site Pages
Main system module. Allows to create a site structure of unlimited nesting, content pages, has a WYSIWYG editor, and more.
You can create many diverse menu of any nesting, any structures, any access level
Blocks on the site DIAFAN.CMS
Blocks on the site
Tool for easy content management in similar site parts, for example, phones in the header
Dinamic Blocks DIAFAN.CMS
Dinamic Blocks
The module allows to create any number of diverse parts of any type on all parts of the site, e.g. on the page, in news, in catalog items.
Edit in Place mode DIAFAN.CMS
Fast Editing mode
Fast editing mode for SiteFront.
Users in  DIAFAN.CMS
User registration on the site gives a lot of advanced capabilities for interaction with site visitors.
Multi languages DIAFAN.CMS
Unlimited number of languages for speakers (visitors) of other languages. The admin interface can be in English or any other language.
SMS notifications DIAFAN.CMS
SMS notifications
The module allows to configure SMS notifications to administrators and/or site users about various events, such as new messages in the feedback or new orders.
Mobile version DIAFAN.CMS
Auto mobile version
DIAFAN.CMS automatically detects mobile devices and allows to upload other HTML templates for your mobile browser if necessary.
Flexible anti-spam system: CAPTCHA, question-answer.
Recycle bin  DIAFAN.CMS
Recycle bin
Protects from accidental deletion of information.
The semiautomatic update module allows you to always have the latest DIAFAN.CMS version.
Image Processing
Allows to create independent processing settings for uploaded images for each module. For example, as you upload a news illustration, the system will be creating several files from the original image: for a short description, for a news list, and for full news. They can be of different sizes, quality, different processings, cropping, watermark, discoloration and etc.
DB Recovery
The system keeps track of the correct state of the DIAFAN.CMS database structure. If problems are detected, it repairs the table and creates the required fields in them.
Import and Export DB DIAFAN.CMS
DB Import and Export
It allows you to save backup copies of the website’s database, and also move the structure and contents to another site.


Modules in DIAFAN.CMS are typical units designed for quick creation of a functional website. Any module can be removed after installation or changed. You can add any fields or even develop own new individual modules.

E-commerce module

Products catalog
  • Product categories with unlimited nesting, with images and descriptions
  • Any number of additional features. These features can be dynamic and price-dependent. They can be multi-dependent. Assigning of images to different features
  • Placement of one item in multiple categories
  • Product brands with a separate page, description, logo and display of all brand products
  • Filters, sorting, and advanced search
  • Products comparison
  • Possibility of selling digital items with automatic generation of links for download of files from protected area
Product Card
  • 1-Click Ordering
  • Accessories and Services
  • "Notify-when-item-will-be-available-again" service for out-of-stock goods
  • Automatic block "Who bought this item also bought". Manual block "Related products".
Taking stock of available items
  • Taking stock of available items and automatically removing any item sold
  • Seller Interface "Orders", customizable status, automatic generation of invoices, driving directions for couriers
  • Reports on orders successfully executed. Wish list. Out-of-stock-items
  • Statistics of Goods: views and purchases
Payment Methods
  • Flexible discount system, coupons, discounts for different customer types, discounts on total amount of order, savings discounts and much more
  • Payment methods, manual adjustment of cash payment, automatic invoicing for businesses, e-payments: PayPal, Authorize.net, Dwolla.com, Wepay.com
  • Customer balance: can be topped up and payment made from it
  • Currencies
  • Wish List
  • Customizable delivery method designers
  • Order form designer
  • Waiting list
News module with RSS feeds. It allows to create news in any number of groups and events. Pending publication.
Articles in DIAFAN.CMS
This module allows to publish all kinds of articles on the site, divided into categories and subcategories.
Feedback in  DIAFAN.CMS
This module helps to collect feedback and wishes from site visitors – with form Designer.
Interactive module manages the questions posed by site users and answers to them. It can group questions by categories, send a response to e-mail and has the «frequently asked questions» feature.
Comments in  DIAFAN.CMS
The comments module can be connected to all site elements: news, articles, products and photographs. Just use tick the checkbox in the module settings.
Ratings in DIAFAN.CMS
As with the comments module, the ratings module can be connected to any elements of the site: news, photos, products etc.
Banners in  DIAFAN.CMS
Advertising on the site, with limited number of displays and sections on the site, time periods, etc.
Photo Gallery in DIAFAN.CMS
Photo Gallery
This module is used for easy and convenient management of large number of photos. You can create any number of albums and sub-albums.
The survey module enables site owners to collect any statistical information from site visitors.
Mailing in  DIAFAN.CMS
This module allows you to inform users by e-mail or SMS about site events. Flexible configuration of subscriber and mailing groups.
The module allows you to create a file repository.
Tag cloud – a list of labels of various sizes, depending on the frequency of mentions. Tags can be attached to any CMS object: news, questions, products, etc
The module allows users to add their own information to the site, for example, ads on sale of goods or rental of property.
Forum in  DIAFAN.CMS
User communication module.
File manager in DIAFAN.CMS
File manager
The module allows you to make any changes in scripts without having FTP access. The module has code syntax highlighting and numbering of lines.
User balance in DIAFAN.CMS
User balance
The payment module for users allows to top up one’s account and then make purchases through the account.
Personal messages in DIAFAN.CMS
Personal messages
The communication module between site users.
Search in DIAFAN.CMS
Advanced search module
Sitemap in  DIAFAN.CMS
A module that automatically generates a sitemap.
Live chat in  DIAFAN.CMS
Live chat
On-line live chat JivoSite.
Orhpus system in DIAFAN.CMS
Orphus system
Site visitors can point out an error or typo on the site to the admin.
Site links in  DIAFAN.CMS
Site interlinking
The module is a handy tool for SEO. It allows to set keywords and the promoted url. DIAFAN.CMS finds all words on the website and automatically turns them into links to the url.