How much does DIAFAN.CMS cost?

DIAFAN.CMS license is paid only once. It has no statute of limitations, doesn’t require extension, and doesn’t depend on the version. More FAQ

Trial period

You can buy a DIAFAN.CMS license in the «Personal Account» or from the form below.

We accept various payment methods: credit/debit card, Skrill, PayPal, WebMoney.


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Payment methods

Possible ways to pay for your DIAFAN.CMS license:

Visa/MasterCard cards

We accept credit cards MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Visa Electron.

All transactions are processed by credit/debit card payment service "Alfa-Bank". Payment is secured through advanced security protocols and systems developed by international payment systems Visa International and MasterCard International.

In the acquiring bank system, SSL security protocol is deployed to safeguard sensitive cardholder data. Sensitive financial information is transmitted via secure data networks, certified by international payment systems.


WebMoney is a universal payment system for financial settlements. It provides an ideal environment for doing business online. Our certificate WM-identity 213257425234
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After purchasing some licenses, your discounts take effect. After purchasing two licenses, your 30% discount will be automatically activated and subsequent licenses will cost $209.

30% discount
($209 each)
40% discount
($179 each)
50% discount
($149 each)
60% discount
($119 each)

If you top up your account balance to purchase 2 (5, 10 or 30) licenses, then the relevant discounts can be applied immediately. But in this case, you need to send a request to our customer support after topping up your account. For example, after topping up your account balance with $418, you can get a 30% discount and buy 2 licenses at a go.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • It takes just a couple of minutes to register in the Personal Area. You need to come up with a username and password, and confirm your e-mail. There is a demo online version to enable you to quickly study the interface and learn how to manage the site.
  • In the Personal Area, you can access the full working version of the DIAFAN.CMS installation package. You can download the installation package (file * .zip around 4Mb), install it on your site and immediately start using the system.
  • The free trial period of 21 days starts counting once DIAFAN.CMS has been installed. You can use the full version of the system, use all its features without limitations.
  • After 21 days, the system will remind you that the trial period has expired and ask you to buy a license. The administrative part of the site will be blocked. However, the public part of the site will continue to work. Your information previously entered in the site will be saved. It won’t be removed and won’t be lost. After purchasing the license, the site operation will resume full function.
  • The DIAFAN.CMS license gives you the right to use the system on the site. After payment, the user receives a license certificate. In the Personal Area, the license is always displayed in the form of the domain name of the website.
  • To buy a license, the account balance in the Personal Area is topped up with the required amount, then the license is purchased. After purchasing the license, an interface with a text field appears in the Personal Area. In this text field, you are required to enter the domain name of the site, i.e., activate the license.
  • The DIAFAN.CMS license is effective for only one domain and all its subdomains.
  • Content Management System DIAFAN.CMS is offered as a single, indivisible whole, the most complete version containing all modules at once.
  • To check whether DIAFAN.CMS license exists, you can use the WHOIS.DIAFAN.CMS service.