How to install DIAFAN.CMS


  1. Copy the contents of file (you can download it to your personal account) in the root directory of your site. If you want to create an autonomous development of the local folder. For example, for the site "hello-world" settings under typical Denwer right way is "C:\WebServers\home\localhost\www\hello-world\". Please note that without an activated license may be a problem with the local work on the site, in the names of which there is a point. That is to say "hello-world" ok, but for "" need a license.
  2. Type in the address bar of your browser the address of your site. In operation, it will be the server, for example, "". In the local case – "localhost/hello-world".
  3. Then the screen will appear DIAFAN.CMS installer instructions.

Server settings will be checked at the first step. If something does not meet the requirements DIAFAN.CMS, the installer will inform about it.

DIAFAN.CMS. Installations. Step 1

Next should take the contract-offer.

DIAFAN.CMS. Installations. Step 2

The third step is to enter the parameters of the site and the server database. If incorrect parameters are entered the database, the installer will inform about it. Continue installation will not be possible.

Create a simple database all using phpMyAdmin tool. It is part of the "gentlemen's set" Denwer. On the Internet a lot of step by step description of actions to create and configure a MySQL database. Do not forget to create a user with full rights to all operations with the database – the data will be needed in the next step of the installation DIAFAN.CMS.

DIAFAN.CMS. Installations. Step 3

Next, you must create the main system administrator. It is necessary to fill in all fields. Try not to use too simple passwords (and certainly not to repeat the password to the site database).

DIAFAN.CMS. Installations. Step 4

Then you need to specify extra modules to be installed.

At this stage, it will be asked to complete example of a site from the demo version of "Sports equipment store". This is useful when you need to quickly get a detailed example of a site. But if the original task to create a new resource with unique content, do not need to put a tick in the filling site – otherwise then have to perform extra steps to remove the automatically generated examples.

In this step, you can specify the archive file with the theme template, downloaded online Then all the settings above will be ignored, and your site will be set prefilling themed site with "Extras" project.

DIAFAN.CMS. Installations. Step 5

The last step – the end of the installation. If the domain on which you installed DIAFAN.CMS is not registered in your personal account, it is to do.

DIAFAN.CMS. Installations. Step 6