Site settings

The module "Site settings" allows you to edit the general settings of the site. Module refers to the part of the CMS "Settings", it is part DIAFAN.CMS kernel and is required for installation.

The module has only the administrative part.

Customize the site can be on the following parameters:

Editable module settings are written to the file the config.php. For correct operation of the module and to edit the data you need to make this file writable (permissions 0777).

Mistakenly entered the settings for the database will lead to a halt of the entire site. If this happens, you must manually edit the file config.php, connecting to the FTP site.

This file must be stored in UTF-8 with a parameter without BOM (do not use the official symbol Byte Order Mark), for editing, use editor that allows you to change this setting, for example, Notepad ++.


{config} – Настройки модулей


  1. includes/config.php – Сохранение параметров сайта;

  2. modules/config/admin/config.admin.php – Редактирование параметров сайта;

  3. modules/config/admin/js/config.admin.js – Редактирование параметров сайта, JS-сценарий;

  4. modules/config/config.install.php – Module installation.