Technical requirements for hosting

For DIAFAN.CMS fit almost any paid hosting on UNIX-based platform that meets the following conditions:

  • Apache with mod_rewrite installed
  • The Apache configuration directive AllowOverride must be included with the value "All" or "Options FileInfo AutoConfig", while AccessFileName directive is ".htaccess"
  • PHP 5.3X and newer versions (for PHP 5.5 no OpCache)
  • MySQL 5.XX
  • GD Library, Imagick
  • Support for sockets and allow_url_fopen directive
  • For auto-update is also desirable --enable-ftp, but it is not necessary if the scripts have write access to

Recommended hosting - ISP-Server

Installation on localhost

Ability to work DIAFAN.CMS on the local host. For this fit any program shell emulator that is, a set of Apache + PHP + MySQL. For example, the Open Server. The local host must be named "localhost", "diafan", "mysite" or whatever else, but without periods in the name (otherwise DIAFAN.CMS require a license). The local server installation sequence is the same as the hosting.