How to insert third-party PHP code

The insert and execute arbitrary code can be accomplished by creating your own template tag.

To do this in the folder themes/functions add another file. For example, show_my_code.php.



if (! defined('DIAFAN'))
$path = __FILE__; $i = 0;
$i == 10) exit; $i++;
$path = dirname($path);

To code within a method has executed, deduce template tag in a single file from the folder themes. As a rule, it is site.php:

<insert name="show_my_code">

Now the code file show_my_code.php will connect each time the template pages of the site is a file site.php. In our case, it will be shown "DIAFAN.CMS".

The tag can also be inserted in the visual editor, for this you need to select the button "Edit HTML-code" (the first visual editor button).