File structure DIAFAN.CMS

After installation on a hosting webmaster DIAFAN.CMS offers the following file structure: adm

What is what?

adm – folder administration panel. Direct access upon request from the address bar does not. The site can be any address (default, defined in the DIAFAN.CMS installation in any form, for example, After installation, the address of the site you can change the settings. The folder contains the core content management system, execution, control panel image, the visual editor and support functions for content management. As a rule, change and edit the webmaster there is nothing.

cache – utility CMS folder where the files are stored an additional cache, reducing SQL-queries to the database. The files are automatically deleted too, so there can also not particularly look. To DIAFAN.CMS successfully worked with the cache files must be installed on the folder cache rights 777.

css – folder with CSS-style of the standard design template supplied with DIAFAN.CMS, CSS-styles for jQuery-plugin.

customcustom modified modules and design templates.

img – a folder with pictures design standard design template supplied with diafan.CMS, izobryazheniya for jQuery-plugin.

includes – here are kept the general functions and algorithms to support DIAFAN.CMS.

js – a folder with additional JavaScript-scripts used on the site is optional. This animation zoom images, pop-up calendar, file loaders, etc.

langs – interface translation files.

modules – all modules are DIAFAN.CMS here. For example, in the folder modules/news – all files of the module "News", including installation, module algorithm, its design and the administrative part.

plugins – are stored here plugins in PHP, used in DIAFAN.CMS.

return – archive cusps (backup previous updates).

themes – directory of the standard design template. The basic template website design – file site.php. Learn more about design templates can be found here.

tmp – folder for temporary files. To DIAFAN.CMS worked successfully, you need to install to the folder tmp rights 777.

userfiles – here contains all files that are downloaded by users through the site administration interface. Pictures from the photo gallery, photos, news, articles, downloads, and images. Once installed DIAFAN.CMS folder is empty. You must install to this folder and all nested elements in it right 777. Name the folder in which the files will be available to all users of the website can be changed in the site settings.

.htaccess – managing DIAFAN.CMS file. Suffice important file. It provides job psevdossylok, coding, redirects and so on. In the case of changes in the file operation DIAFAN.CMS not guaranteed.

index.html – the main page file cache. Every day in this file creates a full copy of the appearance and content of the main page. If your hosting service fails and stops working database or interpreter, the system opens the online contents of this file. Thus, the main page of the site is not "maintenance" due to a failure in the database, which is especially important when the site of SEO-moving. You must install this file rights 777.

index.php – initiating DIAFAN.CMS file start. No changes are required.

install.php – installation file. After installation, the system is removed.

config.php – configuration file. Maintains data from the section "Site Settings" administrative part of the site. If any parameters are huddled together and the entrance to the administrative part of the site is not available, you can edit the settings manually in the file. For example, change the parameter to the database connection. You must install this file rights 777.

readme.txt – a quick guide for developers.

favicon.ico – favicon DIAFAN.CMS.