On-line consultant

Module "On-line consultant" displays on the site of one of the preset code systems and allows you to install the online form for the user due to the consultant in on-line mode.

In DIAFAN.CMS package includes integration with the system JivoSite.

Module refers to the part of the CMS "Interactive" and can be installed optionally.

The site on-line consultant is connected with the tag show_block.

For the work you need to download and install the application from the site operator selected system. It is an independent program that is installed on your computer (Windows + Mac), allows you to monitor visitors, answer their questions, and more.

Template tags

Для работы с модулем «On-line consultant» служат следующие шаблонные теги:

show_block – connects online chat.


defer – deferred load tag template tag: event – load content only at the request of the user when you click "Upload", emergence – load content only when the client window appears in the browser window, async – asynchronous (simultaneous) content loading together with the content of template tags with the same marker, sync – synchronous (sequential) load of content in conjunction with the content of template tags with the same marker, by default, downloading content only at the request of the user;

defer_title – text string displayed at the point where the loadable content appears with the help of delayed loading of the template tag;

template – tag template (file modules/consultant/views/consultant.view.show_block_template.php; default - file modules/consultant/views/consultant.view.show_block.php).


<insert name="show_block" module="consultant" system="jivosite">

выведет код для подключения on-line консультанта JivoSite

В шаблоне тега можно получить значение любого атрибута через переменную $result["attributes"]["название атрибута"].


  1. modules/consultant/admin/consultant.admin.php – Online chat, JivoSite.com;

  2. modules/consultant/consultant.php – Controller;

  3. modules/consultant/consultant.install.php – Module installation;

  4. modules/consultant/consultant.model.php – Model;

  5. modules/consultant/views/consultant.view.show_block.php – Template of live-chat.